Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your proxies located?

Location: Italy.

Can I test your proxies?

Yes, of course, every proxy category has a 24-hour trial (except FrogShared). If you don’t want to miss our limited promotions then 

How many social media accounts can I run on Frog50, Frog200, Frog1000 and FrogShared?

With Frog50, Frog200 and Frog1000, you can have as many account as you want as long as your monthly traffic is below the limits of your plan. Yet, please be aware of the limitations imposed by social networks with respect to your activities. We normally recommend a number of accounts lying between 5 and 12.

With FrogShared you can manage up to 1 account per proxy, no matter what social media you are using.

What are the differences between your plans?

The only differences are in terms of:
– The proxy is dedicated or shared
– Monthly traffic allowance

There are no other differences related to our proxies.

What are the payment methods available?

We currently accept Paypal, cards and cryptocurrencies.

What happens if a payment fails but I want to renew?

Until 11.59pm UTC you still have time to make the payment or contact us to retry the payment. From midnight, the proxies related to that subscription will be automatically deleted.

What if I need more proxies?

If you need more proxies, contact us here. We can evaluate customized offers.

Is your network reliable?
We know how important your business is. That’s why we built up a fault tolerant, software and hardware redundant system capable of reconfiguring itself in a few tens of second in case of any problem, 24/7. In addition, UPS devices give you access to our proxies even when there is a power outage. 
Do you have a refund policy?
Since we offer free trials to allow you to test our proxies, our refund policy is quite strict.  Refund requests within the first 24 hours after purchase will be processed with a cost of €5.
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