Frequently Asked Questions

What is your proxies location?

Location: Italy.

Can I test your proxies?

Yes, of course, CLIC HERE to get the 24-hour test.

Is the bandwidth unlimited?

Yes, bandwidth is completely unlimited for all our promotions, except for FrogLimited.

How many accounts can I run on FrogUnlimited, FrogLimited and FrogShared?
With the FrogUnlimited promo you have unlimited traffic but please be aware of the limitations imposed by social networks with respect to your activities.
With FrogLimited, we recommend a maximum of 5 to 7 accounts due to traffic limitations.

With FrogShared you can manage up to 1 account per proxy, no matter what social media you are using.
What is the difference between FrogLimited and FrogUnlimited?
The only difference between FrogLimited and FrogUnlimited is the traffic limitation. You have unlimited data with FrogUnlimited but a certain amount of GB per month with FrogLimited.
What is the difference between FrogUnlimited and FrogSEO?
FrogUnlimited consists of proxies that have been especially developed for social media accounts, therefore there are fewer constraint in terms of performance and continuous availability because they are intended to work with bots.
FrogSEO consists in a tipology of proxies developed for very high performance and general purpose activities. In this case, additional features are available like an immediate IP rotation, and more redundancy is used to guarantee always high speed and no service interructions.
What are the payment methods available?

We currently accept Paypal.

What happens if a payment fails but I want to renew?

Until 11.59pm UTC you still have time to make the payment or contact us to retry the payment. From midnight, the proxies related to that subscription will be automatically reset.

What if I need more proxies?

If you need more proxies, contact us here. We can evaluate customized offers.

Is your network reliable?
We know how important your business is. That’s why we built up a fault tolerant, software and hardware redundant system capable of reconfiguring itself in a few tens of second in case of any problem, 24/7. In addition, UPS devices give you access to our proxies even when there is a power outage. 
Do you have a refund policy?

Since we offer free trials to allow you to test our proxies, our refund policy is quite strict.  Refund requests within the first 24 hours after purchase will be processed with a cost of €5.

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